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Orthodontics is a dental specialty that corrects the position of teeth and maxillary bones and studies the growth and development of the face besides accompanying the development of the first dentitions, mixed and permanent dentitions.
Orthodontics are dedicated to studying the deviations of the dental load and correcting the bite, thus establishing a perfect gear of the upper teeth with the lower teeth, a facial harmonization and conditions suitable for chewing.
The most opportune time to look for an orthodontist is at the beginning of the exchange of the teeth of milk by the permanent teeth, that is, at the beginning of the mixed dentition.
There is no maximum age to look for an orthodontist, but in adult patients some special care should be taken, especially in relation to the supporting tissues of the teeth, which may contraindicate the treatment (periodontal problems).
The orthodontist together with the maxillofacial surgeon work together to correct problems of facial bone discrepancy, both problems with maxillary growth and jaw growth. The orthodontist prepares the teeth for the patient to perform orthognathic surgery.
The orthodontist will be able to determine whether you can benefit from orthodontic treatment through some diagnostic tools that include a complete medical and dental history, a clinical examination, tooth plaster casts, photographs, and special x-rays.
With all these data, a correct diagnosis will be made by the orthodontist establishing an adequate treatment plan.


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