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Dental Implants

A beautiful smile reflects self-esteem and health. At the AMS Clinic we performed the procedures for the installation of Dental Implants in order to reestablish one or all of the missing teeth.
We perform dental implants for the different clinical situations, that is, for patients who have lost a single tooth up to those who have lost all dental elements.Implantology consists of placing a screw of titanium, an implantable material compatible with the human body, in the region where the patient lost the tooth.
Using the technique of guided surgery we can perform surgery without flaps, that is, a minimally invasive surgery in patients who have a satisfactory amount of bone.
The screwed prostheses present greater ease to perform the maintenance between removal and placement of the prosthetic pieces.
The cemented prostheses have more satisfactory aesthetic characteristics because they do not have a hole for access to the part retaining screw. The two forms of preparation of the prosthetic parts obtain satisfactory functional results.
In the Branemark protocols, our team places six implants in the jawbone and five implants in the mandible to perform fixed rehabilitations of the entire arcade – be it superior or inferior and thus we can return all the masticatory function to patients who previously used  removable prosthetics.


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