We have the solution to achieve a perfect smile. Laminated veneers for correcting cracked or stained teeth, tooth whitening and gum surgery bring a more attractive appearance – our team presents these and other solutions in the area of aesthetics. Check it out.

Laminated Facets

Cracked, stained, spaced or even worn teeth can be corrected with laminated veneers, thin layers of porcelain tailor-made to join the teeth. The result? Natural and true appearance.

Dental Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are fine or ultrafine restorations suitable for smile corrections where teeth do not exhibit large differences in color tones and require only minor adjustments.

Tooth whitening

Dental whitening removes stains on the surface of the tooth and below the enamel and, throughout the treatment, prevents the appearance of new spots on the tooth surface.
At the AMS clinic, our dentists use chemical and physical processes so our patients have whiter, brighter teeth. These actions act on the whitening of the tooth structure through the oxidation of the molecules contained in the spots. The whitening methods vary according to the peroxide concentration, the whitening agent allows to control the degree of whiteness desired.

Facial Harmonization

Procedures that allow the face to have a perfect symmetry. Check out our high quality procedures.

Applying Botox to the Face

When applied in correct dosages, botox applications offer more cheeriness to the face, improve the appearance of the skin, help mitigate expression marks and offer no risk.
To relieve the unwanted wrinkles, botox, or botulinum toxin, is very indicated because it promotes tensing effect on the skin. When applied, botox prevents the contraction of the muscles of the face, that is, in addition to preventing and reducing expression marks, it still acts to relax the local musculature.
Botox can be applied to the following areas of the face:
  • In the forehead region
  • Around the eyes (the famous “crow’s feet”)
  • In the creases between the eyebrows
  • Around the mouth and lips
  • On the neck and on the lap

Neck Lift & Neck Liposuction

The advancing age causes the sagging and falling of the neck region. The plastic surgery restores the muscles of the neck and pulls the skin up – if there is also accumulation of fat, a liposuction is done simultaneously. Scars are not apparent and surgical recovery is rapid.


Surgical procedure that aims to reduce the size of the cheeks, making the face gain a more refined and even younger appearance. Factors such as weight and aging contribute to larger cheeks, and for those who bother with it, bichectomy may be the solution.

Gingivectomy (Smile Surgery)

When a very large area of the gum is exposed while smiling, it is common to alter the symmetry and beauty of the face. The applications of botulinum toxin, botox, are indicated to correct the gingival smile. See the result of this procedure:


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