Canal Treatment

The goal of endodontic treatments – better known as a canal – is to eliminate all bacterial contamination from the tooth canal system.
In the human arch there are the incisor and canine groups, which mostly have a single canal, pre-molars with two and three or four-canal molars. Anatomical variations can result in a greater number of canals in each of these groups, which justifies the care and detail in the clinical exams done by the dentist, as well as complementary exams such as x-rays and CT scans.
These bacterial contaminations within the canal system occur for a variety of reasons, such as carious lesions extending into the pulp chamber, which would be a gateway to the canal system; dental fractures, trauma due to an exacerbated tightening of the patient’s occlusion (bite) or even by accidents that may occur.
We have a range of technologies associated with this treatment, such as rotary and reciprocating motors, apical locators and ultrasounds, in order to generate a better cleaning and more detailed preparation of the channels and, therefore, to bring greater comfort to the patient during the treatment.


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